Chia-Chi (Alicia) Hu, PhD

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    Moscow, 83843 United States

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    I provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. Also, I am interested in providing consultation to organizations. I obtained the doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology in 2009; however, I have been practicing counseling and consultation with a master degree since 2000. 

    My approach is unique, because I am very interested in integrating both Eastern and Western perspective of body/mind; also, I am interested in integrating individual as well as systemic approaches. Our body/mind is a system, and all of us lives in systems, from family, workplace, to community and culture. 

    My doctoral training grounded me with research-based attachment theory, a theory that explains our parent-child interaction as well as romantic relationships. Before, 7 years of psychodrama and sociodrama training helped me to see how each of us consciously or unconsciously repeats past family history. Recently, 4 years of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training further strengthened my capacity in helping people to recovery from psychological trauma, abuse, and attachment injuries. 



    Areas of Expertise :
    Trauma recovery, Somatic Psychology, Couples Counseling

    Education/Degree :
    PhD at Purdue University

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    Idaho Psychological Association

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    Trauma recovery book in Chinese Mandarin (Published in Taiwan)

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    Workshops and training schedule (in Chinese Mandarin)

    Workshops and training schedule (in English)

    Research Interests :

    Attachment relationships between parent-child and romantic partners; recovery from complex psychological trauma; high conflict (or emotional manipulation) in systems (marriage, family, workplace); body-mind interaction

    Philanthropic Initiatives :

    My current project is producing multi-lingual trauma resilience development storybooks for children and parents.

    The first project includes a series of 4 storybooks. Each book contains brief psychoeducation and at least two languages (for example, English-Chinese, English-Vietnamese, Chinese-Vietnamese, English-Japanese). Some of the books will be donated to school districts in needs. 

    Attributes Success To:

    Helpful mentors and my passion in learning. 

    Languages :
    English, Chinese Mandarin

    Place of Birth :
    Taipei, Taiwan

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    Hobbies/Sports :
    Yoga, Qigong

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