Huan-Wen Jonathan Fang, LAc

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    Licensed Acupuncturist

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    In Hand Acupuncture and Herbs

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    Acton, 01720 United States

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    Jonathan (Huan Wen) Fang, Licensed Acupuncturist, is a second generation Chinese medicine practitioner who has been licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and practicing  acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine since 2004. He is not only a certified oriental medicine practitioner, but also a Reiki II practitioner and Auricular therapist.  He is a graduate of Taipei Medical College and has a master's degree from National Taiwan University of Toxicology and a master's degree from New England School of Acupuncture (2001~2004). 

    Jonathan uses both his medical background and his knowledge of oriental medicine to practice healing with a caring and gentle touch. He practices both Japanese and traditional Chinese styles of acupuncture, as well as Chinese herbal medicine.

    Jonathan is an expert in musculoskeletal disorders (sport injuries, stroke, muscle pain, joint problems and arthritis), Ob/Gyn (infertility, menstrual problems, PMS, and menopausal symptoms), and internal organ imbalances (heart, circulation problems, lung functions, allergies, liver problems, kidney functions, urination problems, digestive problems, detox, and cancer support). 

    His approach to health incorporates knowledge of the nature of disease, energy balancing, nutritional counseling, exercise suggestion, and the promotion of spiritual well-being

    Areas of Expertise :
    Acupuncture, Pain, Infertility, Headaches

    Education/Degree :
    Taipei Medical College; National Taiwan University of Toxicology, Master Degree; New England School of Acupuncture, Master Degree

    Year Graduated :
    1995, 1997, 2004

    Board Certification :
    Reiki Certified, Certified Oriental Medicine Practitioner

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    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?

    The body has its own way of healing.  Sometimes, because of blockage of the body's energy (called Qi {Chee}), the body loses this natural ability.  Like a gardener who waters and provides a suitable environment for plants, a healer helps the body to cure itself.  When the body has regained its natural function, there is no need for further assistance.

    Life is about balance. Health depends on being in balance.  In Hand Acupuncture and Herbs uses ancient techniques to support the body in healing.

    Attributes Success To:

    Good mentors, patients, and continued education

    Languages :
    English, Chinese, Taiwanese

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