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    Reiki Master

    Areas of Treatment :
    Energy Medicine

    Specialties :
    Medical Management

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    Reiki With Jenna

    Location :
    Lahaina, 96761 United States

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    The purpose of Reiki is to restore vital energy. It is only ever positive and helpful. Reiki is translated and referred to as “Universal Life-force Energy”. REI, pronounced "ray", means universal energy from all around. KI, pronounced "key", translates as life-force energy from within. Reiki energy is described as an invincible, life-giving energy that is inexhaustible and cannot be depleted. This unifying energy is pervasive in all of life and limitless.

    There are several ways to receive Reiki, through trainings and hands-on or distant treatment. During a treatment, healing energy seeks out imbalanced or blocked energy debris. This allows an uninterrupted flow of energy to reawaken the connection with the body's innate healing powers to a particular physical area, emotional memory or thought pattern. Individuals commonly experience "healing effects" such as tingling sensations, warmth and/or vibration. Although one may not feel the same sensations after the session, Reiki continues to heal the body, mind and spirit post treatment.

    It is the initiation within a Reiki training that allows the precise energy connection to begin. The foundation of the practice starts with self treatments for the body, mind and spirit to restore energy alignment and balance. The flow of Reiki through the hands of an initiated student lasts a life time, allowing Reiki to heal oneself, others, plants and animals.

    Areas of Expertise :
    Reiki Natural Healing, Was a Dental Hygienist for 20 Years

    Education/Degree :
    Asociates of Science Dental Hygiene, Bachelor of Divinity

    Year Graduated :

    Board Certification :
    International Recognized Certificate of Reiki

    Faculty Appointments :

    • Local and National Lecturing for Reiki Students

    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?

    Healing benefits from Reiki Natural Healing are many and unfold in its own necessary Divine healing order. The body regulates how much and where Reiki energy is needed for a healing to take place. It is advised for students and clients to journal subtle and significant changes that occur after treatments and trainings. Reiki always works, yet sometimes unseen, as ones energy begins to flow uninterrupted returning and transforming a desired state of well-being. Reiki is called a “bio-energetic modality” or “therapeutic modality” service. Reiki therapists do not diagnose conditions, nor interfere with the treatment of a medical doctor. Reiki energy medicine gives the body the source it needs to release blocked energy debris and heal itself. Since this unifying energy is pervasive with all of life and limitless, it can only enhance and compliment any other treatment. Therefor due to the unique individual healing process there is no promise or guaranteed healing time or desired results.


    Professional Society Memberships :
    The Reiki Alliance

    Articles/Publications :


    Blog page and links to articles written

    Teaching and Speaking :

    The trainings I offer are local to where I live in Hawaii or can be organized globally to bring access to other communities. Classes can be in small to large groups or private indiviually taught. The class form for teaching this system is simple, direct, concise and comprehensive for ease of learning and the integration of the practice into daily life. A master teaches a first degree & second degree class supporting the student in being able to experience their individual path in the practice.

    This practice is taught and passed on in the form of oral tradition, to the student by a Reiki Master that are together for the class experience. There is a unique quality to this meeting that only can happen in person-to-person contact where ritual or sacred space is created. Through the medium of story, demonstration, initiation, sharing, and responding to questions, the essence of the practice is communicated.

    Taking a training provides cleansing, gounding, opening, clearing and receiving experice to begin to work with energy. When a student is ready for Reiki training, Reiki always shows up in many unexpected ways. Reiki's natural healing properties provides a means to feel better on an ongoing basis. It reawakens the innate connection with the body's own healing potential. This allows ones freedom to establish a healing practice for self and others including plants and animals. Students overall discover ways to use and integrate Reiki Natural Healing into their daily lives that lasts a life time.

    Classes are taught in 12 hours over 2-4 consecutive days  Details of the class are:

    History of Reiki honoring the Spiritual lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and Furomoto
    4 sacred initiations to start the precise flow of healing energy through the hands
    • Hand positions for treatments of self and others
    • The Spiritual Precepts of Reiki
    • Insight and understanding containing the 4 aspects and 9 elements and how Reiki works

    There is a minimum of 3 months required after initiated in First Degree before eligible in taking a Second Degree class. This allows a student the necessary readiness in deepening their connection to working with Reiki energy and integrated their First Degree training skills. Through self-treatments, use of precepts and providing treatments to others is preparing the body, mind and spirit for the next level of energy to be received in a Second Degree initiation. Thus, furthering the healing practice foundation by defining and developing the 4 aspects and 9 elements for a student. Second Degree students overall discover expansion of form and function with Reiki Natural Healing’s ability by treating self and others distantly.


    Philanthropic Initiatives :

    Public health events, businesses, organized groups, family and friends are ways to introduce and speak about Reiki. Mini-treatments are performed by initiated practitioners in a seated chair position as a method for temporary relief. This technique can be used in emergency situations or when a full table treatment is not possible.

    There are endless ways to establish healing programs to communities. Introductions and Demonstrations are an exciting simple way for people of all ages, religions and cultural backgrounds to sample and understand what healing opportunities are possible by Reiki.


    Attributes Success To:

    First experiencing Reiki healing as a client, she now strives to assit others with a natural energetic healing approach.

    Throughout my adult life it would take me months to recover from painful low back episodes that would leave me feeling emotionally drained and excluded from enjoying life. I considered back surgery to rid this constant turmoil when my tolerance finally broke. After researching surgery options I found the outcome would not end the personal suffering. It seemed that giving up and surrendering to live with this pain body stimulated an inner questioning of, “is there anything else that could treat the problem?” Shortly thereafter, someone recommended to try Reiki healing. I found a recomended Reiki Master on the internet and learned about what Reiki was. I immediately discovered relief to what innately made sense, in looking for a lasting way of healing naturally. I had no expectations other than I was looking forward to having relief from pain. I proceeded to register for the next Reiki class and receive series of treatments. Things noticeable started changing for me that day. Then after being initiated in First Degree Reiki, my life began healing even more significantly. I got an incredible amount of freedom and vitality through Reiki. My low back pain episodes lessened and eventually disappeared. I no longer felt drained by my daily activities.  I had increased mental clarity, emotional harmony and empowerment on many aspects with love for myself and others. My senses had a deeper embodiment with being in touch with all of life. I identified with a renewed sense of wholeness, purpose and well-being that created a desire to share Reiki immediately. The noticeable equanimity of rewarding and furthering the healing potential of others, gracefully guided me to become a Reiki Master. It is an honor to continue the teachings of Usui Shiki Ryoho and provide healing Reiki treatments. I give a special thank you to Dr.Usui in dedicating his life to discover and develop this energy healing system for human-kind to live as they should.

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    Place of Birth :
    Bremerton, WA

    Gender :

    Favorite Medical Journal :
    Reiki Journal

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Swimming, Hiking, Surifng, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Yoga, Skiing, Bicycling, Kayaking, Dance

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