J. D'vusha Kamerman, SLP, MT

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    Job Title :
    Owner/Manager of Kew Gardens Hills Body & Brain Yoga; Licensed Massage Therapist: Speech/Language Pathologist-Retired

    Areas of Treatment :
    YOGA THERAPY; Physical, emotional and cognitive wellness with children adolescents and adults; (SLP): Pediatric Oromuscular/Feeding Disorders, Early Childhood Speech/Language/Hearing Disorders

    Specialties :
    Speech Pathologists

    Hospital Affiliation :
    Retired: North Shore University Hospital; Nassu County Department of Health

    Practice Name :
    Kew Gardens Hills Body & Brain Yoga

    Location :
    Kew Gardens Hills, 11435 United States

    Practice Website :
    Kew Gardens Hills Body & Brain Yoga

    Years in Practice :

    Description of Practice :

    J. D'vusha Kamerman MA/CCC/SLP. LMT is a retired SLP who practiced in the field of disorders for most of her 34 year career. She specialized in Total Communications as an early childhood augmentative therapist for 16 years; later developing expertise as a pediatric oromuscular feeding therapist which spanned her last 18 years in the field. She worked with high risk infants and their parents to facilitate improved coordination of oromotor-chewing, sucking, swallowing and breathing skills. She worked primarily for the North Shore Hospital Pre-School Development Program, Queens Childrens' Hospital, and The Nassau County Department of Health.

    Currently, D'vusha owns and manages the Kew Gardens Hills Body & Brain Yoga center in Queens, NY. She is a licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Body & Brain Yoga Therapist/Instructor with 15 years of experience in individual/group yoga and Tai Chi instruction. Her studio and related activities can be found on her website: Body & Brain Yoga/Kew Gardens Hills. She received certification while improving her own health and life. Certifications and accomplishments include: Yoga Therapy, Health Coaching, a Red Belt in noncombative martial arts, and Brain Education for adults and children. Areas of expertise include holistic yoga, pre-natal yoga, breathing, Tai Chi, KiGong, brain education and meridian/energy acupressure healing. Some of her current clients are the parents and/or now young adults from her first profession as an SLP.  

    Areas of Expertise :
    YOGA: Meridian acupressure therapy and exercises; Brain Education; SLP: Oromotor/Feeding Therapy and Assessment

    Education/Degree :
    BA, MA in Speech/language Pathology; License in MT; (44 credits in college biology)

    Year Graduated :
    1974; 2008; (1988)

    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?

     I offer my clients options and choices; encouraging them to partake in the decision-making process for their health or the health of their loved ones. Currently, as a yoga practitioner/health coach I help my clients increase self-esteem, relieve stress, remain focused, remain grounded and make better decisions that will effect the quality of their lives. Allowing their bodies to "rest and digest" daily brings improved health and consequently increased opportunities to partake in hobbies, professional endeavors and/or personal relationships.

    Professional Society Memberships :
    Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals; American Speech & Hearing Assoc., New York State Speech/Hearing/Language Assoc.

    Articles/Publications :

    Publication: Cairns, H.S., and Kamerman, J. 1975. Lexical Information processing during sentence comprehension. Journal of Verbal Learning an dVerbal Behavior, 14, 170-179

    Teaching and Speaking :

    Speaker:  As co-manager of the Total Communication classroom in the North Shore University Hospital Pre-School Development I attained the honor of representing our program model at various facilities and conferences in and around the N.Y. metropolitan area. This program was the "baby" of the then Chief of Neuropsychology and director of the pre-school program, Barbara Wilson, Ph.D. .   

    Sign Language: Facilitation for Normally Hearing Language Impaired Children. NYSSHLA 26th Annual Convention. April 13th - 16th, 1986.

    Total Communication as a Facilitator for Oral Language. Series of Colloquia for Fall 1984. The Speech and Hearing Program of C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University.

    Sign Language: A Speech and language Facilitator for the Normally Hearing Pre-School Child. The 14th Conference in the Mount Sinai Series on Communication  Disorders:Non-Vocal Communication in Children and Adults. March 18, 1983.

    Total Communication: Department of Speech and Hearing; Helen Hayes Hospital, West Haverstraw, NY.  August 23, 1983

    Total Communication in the Classroom Setting. Metropolitan Nonvocal Communication Group. Goldwater Memorial Hospital. NY

    Total Communication for the Language Disordered Child. Perspectives in Child Neurology: 1st Annual Conference. Neuropsyhology Section, Department of Neurology, North  Shore University Hospital.  April 24-26, 1980. 


    Sign Language: An Alternative Means of Language Acquisition for The Hearing Impaired and the Normally hearing Child. The Clinic-School Council of Greater New York  Annual Spring Workshop. June 13 1980

    Newspaper Interview: Preschool Program Treats Language Ills. The New York Times. December 7, 1980.

    Teaching: Presently I teach the principles of yoga and how it facilitates optimal health for the body and brain. Classes include: Beginner's education, exercises for stress relief, breathing and breathing meditation, stretching and movement meditation, improved focus and memory techniques as well as brain management skills. 




    Attributes Success To:

    In both professions, I have worked hard, being truly interested in the lives and welfare of my clients, showing them respect and understanding by keeping a flexible and open mind. In my current profession I especially enjoy teaching and helping my students reach an energy balance from which they all can benefit. I love watching them find peace and health, whether working individually, in pairs or in groups.  


    Languages :

    Place of Birth :
    New York, USA

    Gender :

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Zoolology and Animal Husbandry/Rehabilitation; gardening

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