Kiran Kaur Dhaliwal

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    Specialties :
    Medical Management

    Location :
    Glenfield, 0629 New Zealand

    Years in Practice :

    Description of Practice :

    I have recently conducted a study researching the effectiveness of primary care teams in influencing the coordination of patient care in general practices in Auckland, New Zealand. The aim of this study is to explore and describe the scope of effective teams, in particular understanding the perceptions of health care professionals on the management and the effectiveness of their teams. Health professionals including practice mangers of various general practices around Auckland as well as doctors and nurses participated in this study. The components of team effectiveness that were researched encompassed leadership, membership, management structures, innovative practices, continuity of team members, improved patient coordinated care and most importantly, teamwork - collaborative approaches that directly and indirectly influences all the listed components of a team. Each of these components were studied in depth to understand the structure, processes and the positive outcomes that primary care teams are able to achieve. High-performing care teams with clear aims, organizational visions and individual purposes are able to work in collaboration with each other, supporting and accepting innovative practices that are implemented in their team settings. This enables primary care leaders to effectively manage team structures but also work alongside members to improve care coordination pathways in general practices. In turn, revised and improved team processes are highly likely to contribute to the overall functioning of the primary care workforce and the care system. Significantly, the recipients of care are most likely to benefit from a collaborative medical team as improved patient care quality and interactions will most likely result in better patient satisfaction through rapport-building and amplified by the trust generated from the relationship between care providers and patients. There should be increased awareness and recognition that primary care professionals play an important role that of gatekeepers in providing necessary, appropriate and careful care to patients at point of contact.  The specialized role of gatekeeping for primary care as the forefront of the health system and in the provision of first contact care further informs the practices of primary care professionals. Primary health care is fundamental and a key process in our health system. Care that is of first-contact, accessible, continued, and comprehensive and to a degree, coordinated are amongst the outcomes of a collaborative primary care team. 

    Areas of Expertise :
    Research in Primary Health Care systems

    Education/Degree :
    Bachelor of Health Sciences, Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health, Masters of Public Health

    Year Graduated :

    Faculty Appointments :

    • Tutoring Public Health Courses for Undergraduate Health Science Students, University of Auckland

    Honors and Awards :

    • Top Health System Researcher Award in Auckland, New Zealand

    Teaching and Speaking :

    I was given the opportunity to work as a tutor at the University of Auckland for two years, through out both my postgraduate degrees. I have tutored second and third stage Bachelor of Health Sciences students. Courses I have tutored include Health Promotion, Equity and Inequalities in Health, Health Systems, Strategic Care Management as well as Communities and Addictions.  I also have had the opportunity to tutor second and third year Maori and Pacific Admission Scheme students. This role was incredibly exciting as I was able to collaboratively interact with students and provide additional guidance with their courses, whilst maintaining appropriate and respectful interactions. Despite the sensitivity of the courses, some detailing the depth of inequities and inequalities of indigenous health care, I was very satisfied with the constructive discussions and feedback from students. Planning educational activities and coordinating resources with other colleagues not only increased my confidence as a tutor but also taught me the value of professionalism and maintaining reciprocal relationships with fellow colleagues and students. 

    Research Interests :

    Following on the path of my previous research, I would like to further research and develop innovative measures to improve team climates and strengthen organizational structures in the primary care sector. To further study team processes that encourage efficiency include improving on transaction costs and limiting the number of transfers and handover of patient cases between different primary care providers. Care professionals in my previous study described the number of possible risks and errors when there are complicated interactions and numerous patient transfers within primary care. This can result in patient care errors as well as the wastage of resources and medicines. For instance, the duplication of tests and reports, inconsistent care and medical advises from different care professionals and the cost incurred to patients and providers for the lack of collaborative approaches in the primary care workforce. Further research will also help investigate referral processes between primary and secondary as well as tertiary care and the collaborative approaches members of the care system can adopt to simplify the process of transfers and handovers between care providers for patients. This also brings about another research interest, which is in advancing health informatics in primary care. The acquisition, management and uses of information in the primary health sector can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of medical care and the response to wide-ranging public health emergencies. 

    Attributes Success To:

    Success to me signifies the passion and enthusiasm in wanting to understand the structures, processes and various organizational management procedures involved in our healthcare system. My passion for researching and devising strategic care pathways for patients in our health system is an interest i would love to pursue someday. I also attribute my success to my flexible nature; being able to adopt and adapt to changes and respond with a positive attitude is a trait I highly value. With previous teaching experiences, i have learnt to juggle several tasks, make careful and realistic decisions and in times of chaos, i have the ability to process my thoughts calmly by assessing the situation, making decisions and moving on to the next task relatively quickly. I always admire people who demonstrate optimism, which is a trait i am lucky to have grasped. Demonstrating leadership in individual tasks and displaying a positive outlook and attitude while maintaining consistency and respectful relationships with colleagues and patients are characteristics most sought-after for me as a care professional. It is important to maintain a healthy wellbeing for improved performance and thought processes in tasks. A healthy mind is said to have balanced nutrition, enough rest and routine physical exercises. I regularly swim and train in the gym. This gives me the opportunity to make time for myself and take care of my wellbeing so that I am able to be active participant, contribute effectively to my team and perform my very best in tasks and projects I am responsible for. 

    Languages :
    English, Malay, Hindi, Indonesian, Punjabi

    Place of Birth :

    Gender :

    Favorite Medical Journal :
    American Journal of Medicine, British Journal of General Practice, American Journal of Public Health, British Medical Journal, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Traveling, dancing, swimming, exploring new eateries, sudoku, backpacking, music, community work, water sports, skiiing and golf

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