Margaret Rogers Van Coops, PhD, DCH(IM)

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    Job Title :
    Prof. Ph.D., DCH(IM) OM Metaphysician/Alternative Medicine/Minister/Psychotherapist

    Areas of Treatment :
    Whole Person

    Hospital Affiliation :
    Metaphysician with general hospital doctors.

    Practice Name :
    Sumaris Education Center & Clinic

    Location :
    Lake Havasu City, 86403 United States

    Practice Website :

    Years in Practice :

    Description of Practice :

    Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops has spent over 55 years of her professional life healing people from all kinds of illnesses and diseases, as well as to counsel and guide many people either face to face or worldwide through phone and technology. Her years spent in research about the human brain and the subsequent understandings of the conscious, subconscious and deep-subconscious minds has led her to understand how the whole body can be effectively assisted to heal. Dr. Margaret treats each patient differently according to their personal needs. No two people are the same, therefore, each treatment is different. Her counseling sessions are vitally important to the flow of healing as it occurs.

    Dr Margaret has spent over 45 years conducting her own research studies, teaching workshops and courses related to erasing conditioned mindsets and developing healthy mental and spiritual lifestyles. She is experienced in dealing with all aspects of health issues including pre-op and post-op recovery. She is an expert in giving counsel and guidance with any family issues as well as spiritual advice and training. She has a wealth of experience in dealing with death and The Afterlife.

    Many have experienced her amazing channeling skills to guide them even though they are living in another country and she is without information about that client. Remote healing is generously given.

    She has authored twelve informative and educational books on Philosophy, Spirituality, Health, Healing and psychological issues. She also has her educational half hour radio show: Journey Into An Unknown World on as well as many videos on that explain her lectures, workshops and discussions on mental, emotional and spiritual health. Dr. Margaret has a wide base knowledge of anatomy, physiology and knowledge in the strange, unusual and off-world interests and research in the paranormal.

    Areas of Expertise :
    Integrated Alternative Medicine Healing, Counseling & Hypnosis, Minister and Psychic Healer. Creator of Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy. STT (Sensory Touch Therapy), TrinityStone Healing Therapyand more....

    Education/Degree :
    California University FCE

    Year Graduated :

    Board Certification :
    CFE, Founder & owner of Sumaris Education Center & Clinic

    Faculty Appointments :

    • Established and continued successful internet radio show, �Journey Into An Unknown World.�

    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?

    In recognition of inborn Spiritual Awareness and talents: I am able to tap into each person's encoded Soul Structure Coding that defines thier life's purpose, personality & charactor. Once explored, the defined understanding of how a personality and charactor evolves thoughout life becomes clear. This deeply embedded coding is constantly and consistenly pushing every individual to search for their payway in life. Those who fall by the wayside often reach out for assistance. Knowing their Soul Structure Coding does give a complete turn around for the better. Each case is different, therfore, every individual needs time and support to substaniate the power of the Soul Structure Coding and once clearly understood, allow transformation on all levels of awareness to take form for the better.

    Professional Society Memberships :
    National Guild of Hypnotherapists, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy AssociationInternational Hypnosis Federation, International Association of Counselors and Therapists

    Honors and Awards :

    • Distinguished Fellow - International Hypnosis Federation
    • Continental Who's Who - Honored Member
    • Missionary - Universal Christ Church (School of Spiritualism)

    Articles/Publications :

    Author of over 15 Books & booklets:

    Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy

    The Book of Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy Diagrams

    Journey Into An Unknown World: The Way to Oneness Revisited

    The Rejection Syndrome

    Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro-Spirit

    Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View

    Discover Your Baby's Spirit

    TrinityStone Healing Therapy

    50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations

    Expanding Images with The OmniCard

    My Journey Into The Oneness

    The Dark Side

    Henry's Secrets

    Crystal Acupuncture Booklet and crystal kit

    Spiritual Crystal Acupucnture booklet with crystal kit

    (2) Beauty Crystal Acupucnture Booklets with crystal kits

    Teragram Booklet with 6 Colored Agate Teragram kit

    'Core' Teragram Booklet with 3 Coloreed Agate Teragram Kit

    TrinityStone Booklet with Equilateral & Isoselese Triangles kit.

    Sensory Touch Therapy Booklet (STT).

    Many blogs and articles written/published over 50 years.




    Teaching and Speaking :

    I have been a Keynote Speaker at various conferences and symposiums, expos, celebration events and more. I have given so many talks, lectures, workshops, courses around the world that I am unable to recall them all. Surfice to say, that I enjoy teaching to anyone who wants to listen and learn. I am currently open to invitations to teach at medical schools, universities and various health organizations around The USA. I may even consder teaching in other countries again too!

    Research Interests :


    Parkinson's Disease - Her own is cured following her last MRI, MS, MD and various other mental illnesses.

    Youth Issues

    Family issues

    Behavioral issues

    Illness & Diseases

    Mental & Emotional Issues

    Drugs & Alcohol abuse

    Religeous and spiritual issues

    Training therapist in various courses of Metaphysical studies.

    Relationship and family issues

    Alternative European herbs

    Alternative Therapies

    Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy and their derivitives.

    TrinityStone Healing Therapy

    Psychic Development for self help and meditation with hypnosis

    Philanthropic Initiatives :

    I wish to teach the world's population how to develop their own psyche to lead self down the right pathway. It is clear to me that the DNA & RNA carry many wrong beliefs, whether absorbed in the womb from the mother or after birth, while the DNA carries the right pathway for an individual that ultimately manifests success, the RNA of self talk can destroy. We are all here to learn the truth about ouselves and our existence. Today most children born with psychic senses up-front in consciousness are seeking tutors. I teach the tutors and get so much joy in seeing their successes. No matter what religion we are reared in, ultimately it is our own privates senses that lead us to our own ideas and practices of spirituality. As a coach/counselor and hypnotherapist, it is very easy to help those wishing to break away from past issues and begin again. I provide various courses, private session according to every person's individual need.

    Attributes Success To:

    Being Gifted with Psychic Ability and Holistic Healing. I was born in 1942 and moments after that a bomb dropped across the road killing many. My life began that day as a healer when people held me. When I was three years old a second bomb dropped across the road and that night I saw Archangel Haniel protecting me. From that day on I knew my destiny was to help those who suffer. All my work has been to that end. If something new comes up, I challenge myself to find the right healing tool to help someone in need. My abiliy to see illness and disease before it manifests is amazing. Many of my books explain, teach and share my discoveries and experiences.

    As a pioneer in my field, during a time when no one believed in the things I could do, I kept my focus on my goals as a healer and counselor. My studies as a nurse led me to investigate mental illness, hypnostherapy, while other clincial aspects were achieved through my own curiosity and my ability to channel and listen to wisdom and teachings that led me to be the person I am to day. I earned my doctorate through my life's work. There was no professor who could set me an exam or test me. I was told I am the Professor! So now I teach as much as I can to those who follow behind me. I have two Ph.D.s. One for The Ministry and counseling side of my work. And one for the Integrated and Alternative Medicine. These two combined give me the backing and support to practice in USA to aid anyone in need.

    As an Ordainined Minister, I am also a Missionary and can teach in any country in the world relative to their needs. Japan opened her doors to me and my work deepened beyond my expectations. Today, I train Metaphysiotherapists, PowerStone Therapists, Hypnotherapists, and many other therapies. These students learn how to integrate all therapies to heal the whole person.

    My gratest happiness is helping the mentally disturbed to return to normal in a few short weeks. The power of healing the brain is amazing to me me. I never cease to examine the way it works to keep us alive and functioning. The power of The Spirit-self that works the brain is phenominal! Our whole body is a miracle in its mere existence!

    Languages :

    Place of Birth :
    London, England

    Gender :

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Zomba, Tennis, crafts, decorating, singing, acting, movies

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