Meghan Kingston, RRT

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    Job Title :
    Registered Respiratory Therapist

    Areas of Treatment :
    Critical Care, Emergency, Chronic Disease Maintenance, Education

    Specialties :
    Respiratory Therapist

    Hospital Affiliation :
    SouthLake Hospital, Kincardine Hospital, Owensound Hospital, Headwaters Hospital

    Practice Name :
    College of Respiratory Therapists Of Ontario

    Practice Website :

    Years in Practice :

    Description of Practice :

    For the past 5 years I have practiced as as Registered Respiratory Therapist, I have had the pleasure to experience various areas of the profession. I began in the Critical care, Acute Care areas with emergency, OR- Surgical Rotations and ICU- Intensive care units for 1-2 years in London Ontario's Trama Centre at LHSC. During this time the experience I had gained was extraordinary. The hospital's devotion to teaching and new technology within all medical devisions, made this a wonderful place to work, especially among a multidisciplinary Team of numerous brilliant Health Care Professionals. The knowledge that I gained in various areas of the hosptial, such as break through medicine and unique clinical cases reviewed for teaching purposes at hospital rounds allowed me to gain a profound respect for all the professions with in the Team we worked with. 


    The next 4-5 Years was spent within a Community Centered Care position, where I was asked to relocate 3 hours north to Newmarket Ontario within the greater Toronto area. This was a great chance to obtain some new experiences within another area of my profession. I accepted the position and began my adventures throughout ontario, working in various facilities such as; SouthLake hosptial in Newmarket, Headwaters Hosptial in Orangeville, Kincardine Hospital and OwenSound Hosptial, etc. and various Long Term Care facilities associated around those cities and rural towns. The patient base consisted mainly of chronic disease maintenance, palliative care, hospice care, post-surgical recovery, Long- Term Care Hospitals, and Educational COPD and Respiratory Disease Care clinics to help patients in the community be aware of their dianosis and how to improve thier quality of life and decrease any if all events of hospitalizations. This was very rewarding seeing the success stories and patients them selves feeling encouraged to maintain their own health.


    The experienced gained throughout both areas of the profession allowed me the opportunistic chances to network and meet various brilliant health care professions throughout various areas of expertice. These difficult decisions and beautiful sucess scenarios I was honoured to encounter, make me very passionate about my profession and proud to me a member of the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

    As a Registered Respiratory Therapist, the confidence I have adapted to my abilities, helps to apply the clinical and technical skills gained through previous employments within clinical environments. This allows the patients and family members I encounter daily feel content and reliant on entrusting a loved one to be cared for comfortably and safely within the circle of care. I am committed to providing quality patient care in a professional, efficient manner, while continuing to ensure great emphasis on assessment, education, chronic disease maintenance, preventative measures and restoration of health for each patient I care for. I am flexible with scheduling and have the ability to work long hours when needed. Working among patients and their families within a collaborative team truly is the greatest driven patient experience and clinical approach in which I strive for with each endeavor.

    Team work is one of the greatest skills I like to emphasize.  The best parts of my life was engaged with various Women's Ontario Hockey Teams. This has helped teach me great values of team work, hard work ethic, strong communication skills and the ability to problem solve quickly while adapting to high pressure situations. I enjoy the high energy levels of enthusiasm and feeling of overall content when engaging with other levels of high competition, all of this has helped me become a great leader and motivated team player.

    Areas of Expertise :
    5 Years

    Education/Degree :
    Advanced Respiratory Therapy Diploma

    Year Graduated :

    Board Certification :
    Registered Respiratory Therapist,NRP Certification- Neonatal Resuscitation, Certified Patient Safety Officer, Board Certified in Basic Life Support, Board Certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support

    Faculty Appointments :

    • CPR Instructor

    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?
    Physician Assistant Program, Currently enrolled with COPD educator Course, Asthma Educator Course,

    Professional Society Memberships :
    Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario, Ontario Lung Association, Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists

    Articles/Publications :
    Working on an Article

    Teaching and Speaking :

    COPD Support groups - SouthLake Hospital Newarket Ontario.

    Dyspnea Clinic- SouthLake Hospital Newmarket Ontario

    Bronchiectasis Clinic - Shelburne/ Orangeville Family Health Team

    Long Term Care Hospital Liquid Oxygen and Compressed Gas Inservice of Safe Handling and Storage of Dangerous materials. Fire Hazard and Safety review. 

    Family Health Team and Hospital orientations for respiratory Services in the communitys for resources and services available for Respiratory Equipment and Oxygen equipment requirements and services. Grey Bruce, Owensound, Kincardine, Newmarket, Collingwood and Orangeville Ontario.

    Oxygen Equipment Portability options on new systems available to the community for quality of life improvements - POC education. Grey Bruce, Newmarket, Owensound Ontario.

    NOVA LUNG iLA Membrane ventilator - extracorpreal membrane ventilator that allows for oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange to occur with simple diffusion- Fanshawe College London Ontario.

    Research Interests :

    Cardiology and respiratory diagnostic technology's. Ex.: NOVALUNG.

    Mechanical Ventilation and Protective lung stategy Maitenance therapys, with SBT- spontaneous Breathing trials for Diffucult to wean Patients. 

    Cardiac and respiratory pharmacology.

    Medical Delivery devices for physiotherapy and lung recruitment devices for improvment in dyspnea and expectorant of sputum. 

    Ground Breaking technology's for various areas in medicine such as; Dr. Andres Lozano: Parkinson's Despression and the switch to turn them on or off. " Neurology".

    NonInvasive Ventilation for exacerbations and preventative measures for respiratory Failure for prevention of hospitalizations. 

    Philanthropic Initiatives :

    Coaching Boys (peewee)hockey Team - Goalie Coach for local travel Team- Apply the skills gained through competetive Ontario champion Womens Teams played for.

    Town of Plympton Wyoming Council           Created four artistic paintings for the enterence of the Wyoming Public Pool that now line the entrance of the building. Paint artistic painting and Donate them to low income familys and Assist Geriatric community patient for residential maintanence when requested through council or township. 


    Bluewater Health Volunteer Service
    Cardiac Care Uni
    t             CCU/ICU and Floors. Assisted with the nutritional and social services within numerous patient wards. Patient and family assistance was provided through out the hospital to make transitions and information easily accessible. Played Music for patients and familys and in Lobby when asked.

    Attributes Success To:

    The strive for knowledge and maintaning current pharmacology and respiratory delivery devices and technologys pertaining the respiratory therapy field.

    Continuing educational oppourtunities and attending medical conferences, hospital rounds and events for new equipement devices, protocol changes, scopes of practice experiences and or clinical apprasal rounds.

    Learning and listening to experienced RRT's, Leaders in the various healthcare professions that have been willing to mentor and teach as they have been a big part of my sucess and thorough understanding of the profession. , 

    Having respect, compassion and acknowledgement of the patients and their families needs. Having empathy and understanding for your patients teaches you to by thorough and allows the trust among the team members and the families that the best patient driven care is being obtained with each clinical endeavor ive encountered. 

    The passion for medicine and my Profession is why I am a RRT to see the difficult decisions made daily and sucessful results senarios with various patients shows me this is why i was put her was to help people and be apart of the multidisciplinary Care Team as its very rewarding. 

    Languages :
    English, Spanish

    Place of Birth :
    Sarnia Ontario

    Gender :

    Favorite Medical Journal :
    Heart, Journal of Clinical Investigation, International Journal of Medical Sciences

    Favorite Vacation Place :
    Peru- Machu Pichu, Mexico- Yearly

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Traveling, Hockey (Played 4 Years on International Canadian WomensTeam), Hiking, Snowboarding

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