Washington Bryan II, MD

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    Job Title :
    Medical Acupuncture and Weight Loss Specialist

    Areas of Treatment :
    Facial Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, Laser Liposuction, Verju certified

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    Practice Name :
    Washington Bryan II MD INC

    Location :
    Los Angeles, 90025 United States

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    Description of Practice :

    Integrative Medicine in Los Angeles, California

    Dr. Bryan MD takes an interdisciplinary approach to helping patients improve and maintain a positive state of health. As one of the exclusive providers of medical acupuncture in Los Angeles, California, our practice reaffirms the important role that the relationship between patient and practitioner plays in achieving optimal health and healing.

    By making use of all appropriate healthcare and therapeutic disciplines, you can feel confident that our ability to provide an effective medical solution will allow you to lead a strong and vigorous lifestyle for years to come.

    Areas of Expertise :
    Weight Loss, Acupuncture, Pain Management

    Education/Degree :
    MD LSU , Fellowship Obesity Medicine, Fellowship Pain Management, Post graduate study Institute of Classical-Five Element Acupuncture, Helm's Medical Institute of Acupuncture, Master in Progress at Emperor's College

    Year Graduated :

    Fellowships :
    Obesity Medicine, Pain Medicine

    Board Certification :
    American Board of Anesthesiology, American Board of Anesthesiology, Specialty Pain Management, American Board of Obesity Medicine, American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, American Academy

    Faculty Appointments :

    • Local, Regional and National Public Speaking

    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?

    You can depend on our leading physician, and the namesake of the practice, to treat your personal situation with the level of compassion it deserves. He will utilize impressive knowledge and innovative techniques to maximize your chances of improvement and relief. The following are just some of Dr. Bryan’s professional medical credentials:

    Professional Society Memberships :
    Obesity Medicine Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

    Honors and Awards :

    • Physician Recognition With The American Medical Association
    • Leading Physicians of the World Award 2016
    • Motion Picture Industry Top Doctor 2016
    • HOWARD HUGHES scholar
    • Former Board Member West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
    • Erchonia Laser Certification: Use of the Verju, FX635, and Lunula Laser Systems

    Articles/Publications :

    Fruit and Weight Loss 

    A frequently asked question to many nutritional experts is why are all the fruit and fruit juices eliminated from their meal plans? The answer to this very popular question is primarily the fructose, which is the sugar found in fruit. Unfortunately, our body must use the fructose within 2 hours of consumption, or it will be stored as body fat. The liver will convert the fructose rapidly into a longchain triglyceride, or otherwise know as fat. Unless timed properly, most of the fruit you will consume will end up as extra body fat pounds and ultimately inhibit your goals. Therefore, elimination of most fruits is suggested if one is needing to lose body fat, wants to compete in a physique competition, compete at the highest academic levels,  or one who needs to clear up their complexion. For an athlete or a body builder, fructose could be detrimental to their success since fructose is primarily for restoring liver glycogen, not muscle glycogen. Glucose is more of a source for athletes to use to restore muscle glycogen. Foods such as yams, potatoes, oats, grains or a glucose polymer drink are much better sources than simple sugars. 

    • Created 2 Nutritional Apps For Apple and Android
    • Published Books
    • Published Articles

    Teaching and Speaking :

    No More Weight Loss—Gain Weight Control!

    In today’s society of the glamour models with toothpick legs and flat stomachs on every magazine cover, people are becoming more obsessed with weight loss instead of weight control. Billions of dollars are spent every year on fad items such as abdominal machines, video tapes, energy and mood pills, fat burner pills, etc. Many companies and organizations are capitalizing on this by promoting programs that could lead a desperate person into the wrong direction. The first step in gaining weight control is to stop all the fad diets and paraphernalia and get into the grove of eating healthy and working out. Begin by having a great attitude that you did not gain the weight over night; therefore, you cannot possibly lose it over night!! If it was that easy, Americans would not be so obese. Commit yourself to a program for at least 3 months in order to get long term results and ultimately make this new change, a lifestyle change. Avoid programs that promote the following tactics: WEIGHT LOSS WITHOUT EXERCISING - You must exercise in order to lose body fat and of course watch what you eat. If one just restricts their eating but does not change their habits, they will not gain control of their weight. FASTING - This is a definite sign that the program does not know what they are talking about. Cleansing of the body can be done without fasting. Fasting slows down your metabolism causing you to gain weight back more rapidly. IMPROPER FOOD PLANS - A good healthy eating plan will incorporate the proper amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. A plan that totally restricts your carbohydrates and depletes your energy can be dangerous. Your body will excrete excess water that is stored and cause weight loss. Once again, no control over your weight. Unfortunately, the average American eats approximately 50-60% of their intake in carbohydrates, so by cutting back to lose body fat will not hurt. DOES NOT CHECK BODY FAT - A program that only determines progress by your weight on a scale. Realistic and healthy weight loss in generally 1-2 pounds of body fat per week - Most plans will not distinguish the difference between weight loss and body fat loss. A good plan will not allow you to lose much lean tissue. Remember lean tissue requires calories to survive. The more lean tissue you have the more calories you can burn. A good, healthy fitness plan that will help you gain control over your weight should be one that is open to your doctor’s approval and one that meets your lifestyle needs. Remember, all good things take time. Be patient and put your mind to it. You will gain control over your weight and receive the results you want. 

    Research Interests :

    Alternative Therapies: Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

    Complementary and alternative therapies also referred to as CATs, can have impressive results on an individual’s comfort, attitude, and health. When facing serious illness or injury, our practice maintain a belief that patients should focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit.

    Dr. Bryan’s additional education and experience in Chinese herbal medicine allows him to utilize all leading pain treatment modalities, including those that fall into a holistic category. With a unique combination of CAT options and implementing them alongside more traditional treatments, such as medications and surgical procedures, you can benefit from positive results that improve your quality of life for years to come.

    Philanthropic Initiatives :

    The Obesity Society (TOS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) scientific and educational organization dedicated to expanding research, prevention, and treatment of obesity and reduction in stigma and discrimination affecting persons with obesity. 

    Acus Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation that donates all materials and professional instructors required to launch and maintain the teaching and research of The Nellis Project. Our mission is to educate military physicians in the science and art of medical acupuncture and to facilitate its integration into conventional military care. The ultimate goal of our work is to transform military medicine, and to offer honor, hope, and healing to those who have been scarred by military combat.

    Attributes Success To:

    Hard work, treating the whole person, overall wellness and improving their quality of life.

    Gender :

    Favorite Medical Journal :
    Journal of Pain Management, Acupuncture Today, Weight Loss Matters

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Outdoors, Walking, Growing Natural Herbs

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