The Leading Physicians of the World

The Leading Physicians of the World
Featuring the biographies of top doctors from over thirty different specialties in every major market across the globe, The Leading Physicians of the World is a renowned medical reference and relied upon patient companion. Made up of today's thought leaders, medical researchers and educators from top universities; members from The Leading Physicians of the World set the standard in today's treatments and patient care.

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room Magazine
The Waiting Room is written exclusively by our member doctors, and meant to be an informational companion for patients as they wait for their appointments. With distribution set to reach thousands of hospitals, private offices, and medical institutions, we are extremely excited for our members to be given such a large platform to share their experience and knowledge with an eager and receptive audience.

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Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

Different from The Leading Physicians of the World, Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare, focuses on featuring the biographies of not only doctors, but also other medical professionals who make up vital parts of our healthcare system

Nurse Advisor

The Nurse Advisor Magazine
Nurse Advisor brings together the brightest minds in nursing, and provides them with a published media outlet to share their wealth of experience and wisdom with patients and other healthcare professionals.